Nic Adams

With over 30 years IT Industry experience including more than 20 years in bid and engagement management, Nic is a seasoned bid professional who understands the challenges of winning business.

Nic is a past Finance Director of the APMP UK Chapter, served as Chapter CEO for two terms and is currently the 2017 Conference Director.

At an international level, Nic is a current director of APMP where he serves on the Executive Committee in the capacity of Past Chair. Prior to being elected as APMP International Chair, APMP’s most senior office, Nic was the first ever Treasurer for the Association. Nic has twice led the APMP Boards Long Range Planning and Strategy reviews.   

As well as fully embracing the APMP mission, Nic’s history with the Association has given him extensive knowledge and an intimate understanding of how the Association has evolved, our long-term goals and objectives and how it is governed on a day to day basis.


Have you ever wondered who or what APMP is? Do you know what we stand for and how we operate and do you want to? If your answer is yes, then this is the place to be!

Targeted at new, old and prospective members, in this session we will look at how APMP has evolved into a world leading Professional Body of more than 8,500 members, how we operate and govern ourselves and explore our next steps for the future.

At a local level we will look at the key milestones and initiatives that have driven the UK to become the largest APMP Chapter, our past successes and the challenges we currently face. 

The session includes a short presentation followed by a Question and Answers session, where our panel of APMP Experts will listen to your suggestions and answer all your questions on ‘everything you wanted to know about APMP’.