Anna Smith

Bio: Anna is a Managing Consultant at specialist presentation agency BrightCarbon. She is a master of creating visual sequences that help people understand complex information. She advocates new technologies and approaches that actively engage your audience. Anna spends time coaching pitch teams from initial concept through to final delivery and helps even the most nervous presenter deliver an excellent performance.


How to create and deliver a winning pitch presentation, with practical tools to help improve the way your teams pitch.

The pitch presentation is the lens through which an entire bid is evaluated, yet all too often the final pitch doesn't get the attention it deserves. Lack of preparation, leaving things to the last minute, or the absence of presentation expertise can all undermine the entire bid process.

This session will challenge the classic approach (text‑heavy, bullet point presentations) which puts the audience to sleep and limits the presenter's ability to deliver their story in a compelling way. 

The audience will learn techniques for telling more visual stories, including visualisation of complex ideas and information. They will also learn tips for delivering stories more effectively.

Takeaway: Participants will learn how to:

  • Create compelling visuals
  • Persuade their stakeholders to create more visual presentations
  • Engage their audiences with more interactive and dynamic presentation delivery