Bio: Andrew Morrison is Managing Director of AM Bid Services Ltd, building the business in under 3 years to employ 7 people. Previously he led British Gas bid teams and was Business Development Director for a property services company bidding to public and private sectors. 

Cameron Houston, Bid Development Executive, was Andrew’s first full-time employee. His involvement in bid teams has achieved wins of over £100m for clients ranging from FTSE 100s through to SMEs and sole traders.


Combine the Millennial generation’s considerable helpings of both motivation and trepidation for bidding with the right guidance and their opportunities for succeeding are endless.

It is a precious privilege to be someone’s first employer: wise heads can teach the newcomer many aspects of bidding. Although enthusiasm, willingness to learn and strong IT skills are a must, the employer must nurture the recruit in a supportive environment with permission to get things wrong whilst ensuring employers/clients receive high quality work.

The driving force to win usually suggests a need for experience over youth. By striking the right balance of success and investment in the next generation, however, the outcome is a young, loyal workforce used to winning.


  • How to attract millennials as your recruits
  • Understand their support needs
  • See why it’s worth investing!