Bio: Chris Whyatt is a founding COO of UKAPMP and also a founding member and Fellow of the Association of Professional Sales, a not-for-profit organisation seeking to promote sales as a profession.  A total recognition junkie, so be sure to clap loudly at the appropriate moment.


Is there a gap between Sales and Bid? If so, what are the gaps and how do we close them?

We have all heard of the supposed gap between Sales (Bid's internal customer maybe?) and Bid (seen by Sales as their 'worker bees' maybe?) but is it myth or reality? Does it matter? What are the gaps? How do we address them? What does good look like?


Prior to conference we will conduct a very short survey (created by Get to Great) to gather both qualitative and quantitative data that will form the basis of the workshop discussions:

  1. The scale of the problem (the gaps)
  2. Ideas captured from the discussion on how to close these gaps

These will be shared with delegates, as will survey findings and slides used in the workshop.

Takeaway: Delegates will leave with a better understanding of the gaps between Sales and Bid, as well as ideas of how to address them in their own organisation.

Interested parties are invited to complete the ‘Is there a Gap between Sales & Bid’ survey prior to the event by clicking here.