Bio: Gareth has over 10 years’ experience in managing the submission of winning bids and leading delivery of projects and programmes. He developed and implemented TP Group’s Bidding Process and delivers internal training, also presenting to audiences as diverse as government, media, royalty and international organisations.


As we face changes in the world of bidding, get ready for the challenge by galvanising Capture Planning techniques and sharing experiences.

With the world of bidding developing and increasing pressures on Bid Managers and their teams to respond to RFPs that have “just come in”, how effective are we at the basics of Capture Planning?

In this interactive session, Gareth will rekindle the importance of effective Capture Planning and highlight that Capture Plans are not just a requirement for Bid/No Bid qualification, but an essential tool for winning. He will encourage sharing of experiences (both good and bad) and will present some of the techniques he currently uses with his sales teams to build up a win strategy.

Takeaway: Discover how to highlight the importance of Capture Planning to senior executives, tackle sales teams to identify gaps in knowledge and information: formulate a win strategy.