Paul Riley

Bio: Paul Riley is MD of social impact business Outcomes UK. He has led the organisation's business development and tendering activities in the children's social care sector for nearly 15 years, and in more recent years has focused upon large Payment by Results and Social Impact Bond type opportunities.


Government encourages innovative contracting models to address entrenched societal challenges. This session explores and compares case studies of three recent 100% payment by results tender opportunities.

Increasingly, government is encouraging the use of outcomes-based commissioning in services for vulnerable people, in particular the use of Social Impact Bond (SIB) type approaches to mobilise social investment into this space. The policy is supported through the Government Outcomes Lab recently established at the Blavatnik School of Government, University of Oxford.

The session will share Outcomes UK’s experiences of exploring and pursuing SIB type contracts through considering and comparing three case studies where the win strategies, procurement routes and end results were all quite different. Both opportunity-specific and common themes will be explored to support learning for all in this evolving field of public tendering and contracting.


  • Strategies for constructing viable significant payment by results contracts
  • Tactics and considerations for influencing commissioners
  • Incorporating and evidencing social value