Bio: Pippa Birch made the leap into freelancing after 11 years as an employed bid writer in highways and construction, building an impressive client base. In Pippa’s (limited) spare time, she is Mum, Parish Councillor, IAT Publications Chair and muddy obstacle race finisher.

Ben has consistently provided success for individuals and organisations over 6 years. In a competitive market, he achieves this through a personable, professional approach. He fills his spare time with films and sport, has presented for the ITM and is an active member of the APMP Diversity Interest Group.


Intrepid delegates will be guided on a quest through the contracting wilderness, gaining an understanding of the freelancer’s role and confidence to tackle that Brave New World.

It is October 2017. An experienced bid professional has found himself in the thick jungle of contract wilderness. He must traverse the treacherous plains of the employment unknown, avoiding potential pitfalls to achieve his goals. Survival kit on shoulder, he is confident he can tackle this Brave New World. Join Pippa and Ben as they open our hero’s survival kit and reveal what’s required to be successful in the increasingly competitive freelance market. We will discuss potential hazards and how to fully prepare you for what lies ahead. Whether new to the freelance adventure or an experienced contract crusader, everyone is welcome to join the expedition.

Delegates will take away a ‘Contractor’s Survival Guide’, understanding how to become freelance and sustain a bidding business, as well the confidence to make that leap into the unknown!