Andrew Haigh

Bio: Andy has been involved in bid management for most of his commercial career, concentrating mainly upon public sector bidding. He is an APMP Professional who has delivered several conference sessions in the past and has written the book “Winning Public Sector Contracts”, published by the Guardian in its Professional title series.


Motivate your SMEs to give finished content to plug into your public sector bid. Engaging them in the right way improves bid quality and reduces the load on the bid team. Overall, win rates soar.

We get the best results by giving the buyers the information they need, clearly signposted. So why do our technical experts, upon whom we all must depend for the solutions and explanations of their choices, find it so difficult to give us the information we need?

In the Brave New World we must brief and manage our SMEs more effectively. We need them to want the bid to succeed and not just have to contend with the chore of providing text. We’ll analyse why getting SMEs to contribute is so difficult, introduce a simple, five-step approach, give examples and cover a case study where this approach helped a large international IT company improve its bid performance.

Takeaway: Delegates will take away a simple approach to get better SME contribution for all their bids.