Oliver Tomlinson


Bio: Oliver has been designing bids and diagrams since 2006 and now runs the award-winning TDL-Creative, an information design consultancy specialising in providing design solutions to ensure information is easy to understand. Ex-falconer, fish farmer and bin man; lover of motorbikes and classic cars; art college governor; 3hr50mins marathon time; Herefordian.

Reader-centric diagram design

Pretty useless to pretty useful: The successful design and commissioning of bid graphics that readers will engage with and understand.

A presentation that takes best practice in information and communication design, not just from the bidding environment, to help create graphics and diagrams that are designed around what the reader wants to know.

We will see how a tool based on the 5W 1H method can be used to understand the aims and requirements of your graphics, allowing you to think from the reader’s perspective. Ending with a look back and a look forward in bid design and diagram techniques.

Takeaway: You’ll leave with a greater understanding of how diagrams can be designed around the requirements of the reader to win marks, not just something to make your bid look pretty.