Bio: A senior bid management leader of 21 years’ experience, Steve Coles builds and leads innovative bid management teams tuned to help firms think differently about value creation and business winning.

A Bid Manager and Proposal Automation Architect with over 17 years of Business Development and Product Marketing experience. Darrell Woodward CF.APMP is a recognised innovator of proposal automation to simplify, accelerate and improve proposals and RFP responses.


Drive the persuasive paradigm beyond the confines of the proposal centre and into everyday sales communications to deliver compelling propositions and thicken the sales pipeline.

As proposal professionals we all appreciate the power of client-centric value propositions in our proposals. But how can we propagate this best practice out to our colleagues to maximise the potential of our sales communications? This session shows how we combined people, process and technology to exponentially improve the quality, consistency, speed and quantity of proposals across a large global sales team.

We translated marketing messaging into compelling win themes that automatically build dynamic value propositions through innovative use of proposal automation technology. It also produced valuable business intelligence to help refine our messaging, measure success and influence sales behaviour.

Takeaway: Combine your own people, process and technology to deliver fast, efficient and persuasive proposals through force multiplication of proposal excellence.