Bio: Ed has a 30 year track record in the software industry and was a founder of the Agile Business (formerly DSDM) Consortium, which led the drive for responsive software development. As first chairman of the Consortium, Ed sees a trend to take Agile into the wider business, beyond ‘just’ IT projects.

Stewart is a commercial lawyer with over 20 years’ experience of drafting and negotiating technology contracts and is the author of the Agile contract template on behalf of the Agile Business Consortium. He established Agillex in 2014 to provide flexible and collaborative legal services.


As businesses look to digitisation to disrupt traditional product delivery, how does Agile deliver achieve faster, better, successful outcomes?

With the advent of the interconnected Digital Age there is growing pressure on the wider business (beyond IT) to act in a nimble, responsive, agile way. Satisfying these requirements between businesses demands a new contractual dynamic – flexible and collaborative arrangements that deliver successful outcomes faster.

Ed Holt and Stewart James will signpost how organisations can collaborate to create The Agile Business, expose legal myths creating an unnecessary barrier to the use of Agile, explain how risk can be apportioned between businesses and consider specific regulatory concerns applicable to the public sector.

Takeaway: An understanding of the impact of adopting Agile for delivery of successful projects and programmes, with guidance for both parties (suppliers and buyers) involved in the negotiation process.