Bio: David Warley is a change management professional specialising in improving organisations' ability to win and deliver value through bids, projects and programmes.

A frequent presenter at APMP conferences and international speaker, he focuses on how to apply project management lessons to business development and how this can be used to deliver superior value.

David is a member of the APM Contracts and Procurement SIG, a Certified Proposal Professional and Fellow of the APMP.


If we want to sell we had better understand how our customers develop and gain approval for their business cases and proposed spending.

Business case practitioners focus on strategic justification, expected benefits and quantified value. They develop cases iteratively with stakeholders following a defined process. So should we.

This interactive workshop looks at guidance used by Business Case Practitioners. Attendees will follow the process of the “five case model” and compete, via interactive game-based exercises, to develop the winning business case.

The presenter will draw parallels between the business case process and the internal justification for bidding, or qualification, process.

Takeaway: Attendees will learn:

  • How to apply the five case model to develop benefits focused offers
  • How buyers identify and quantify benefits
  • Sources and guidelines used by buyers
  • Business cases can be fun