Dr John Ardis

Dr. John Ardis is a scientist with 25 years’ experience in defence, security and intelligence. He has provided support to operations in Afghanistan, developing a new IED detection system. He helped train the Iraqi National Security Council in the implementation of the Baghdad Security Plan in 2007 and devised the UK’s information warfare catalogue at the highest priority instruction of the UK’s Chief of Defence Staff. John writes for the Conflict Studies Research Centre, the U.S. Army War College and others. He holds an honours degree in Computational Physics and a doctorate in Intelligence and Deception Operations

Leveraging Counterintelligence for believability

Do we need to operate differently in a world filled with fake news?

What you don’t know could be more important than what you DO know. Dr Ardis’ counterintelligence experience holds lessons for us by challenging our perceptions of believability and authenticity.

In this advanced session, John will share specialist counterintelligence techniques for assessing, grading and analysing competitive intelligence to enhance our interactions with customers.

Takeaway: Learn new perspectives for communicating with complex audiences in a chaotic business environment.