Sarah Hinchliffe

Speaker Bio: Behind Sarah’s serious exterior, she is a bit of drama queen. As a youngster she acted in plays, going on to study drama. She squeezed in a thirty year sales career before rediscovering her dramatic self. Now a seasoned sales and bid consultant, Shipley trainer and APMP presenter, she specialises in injecting structure into selling and bidding – along with a healthy dose of enthusiasm and quality.


Learn to avoid bamboozling your audience by producing prose that sparkles with clarity.

Imagine a world where everyone understands each other: gobbledygook and gibberish eradicated - obscure language stamped out. The age of clarity has dawned.

To triumph over the evil of incomprehensible prose, we must understand the curse of knowledge, how it prevents us imagining what it’s like for someone who doesn’t know what we know. Only then can we learn how to express ourselves more clearly.

Together, we will explore how the curse of knowledge is cast. Then, mixing empathy and examples with straightforward language, we will stir up an antidote. And, to check it’s worked, we will embrace the role of validator.

As always, this session will be a lively mix of theory, debate and practice.

Takeaway: This session will help you appreciate why writing can be so hard to understand and will equip you with techniques to prevent you falling into the same trap.