Paul Harding

Bio: Paul Harding CPP.APMP is Head of Group Tendering at LGC, an international Life Sciences organisation. Over 7 years he has helped establish LGC as the leading Forensics Services provider for UK policing customers and a critical part of the National Institute for Health Research. Previously he won defence, protective security and training contracts to governments and extractive industries operating in some of the most hazardous locations in the world.


Do more with less: discover how to reduce waste and improve bid process by “borrowing” elements from Lean and Agile systems.

Even in this Brave New World there are factors preventing you from delivering your “best bid”. Have you felt the pain of unnecessary work - pursuing overdue contributions or duplicating effort? What would you do better if you could redirect that wasted time, resource and energy? Take this opportunity to share your expertise, discuss factors that contribute to process waste, understand the impact they have on the smooth running of a bid and “borrow” useful bits from Lean techniques, Agile methods or good old-fashioned common sense.

Takeaway: Achieve understanding of what contributes to process waste and a plan of things to start doing and stop doing that will transform your bid process.