Speaker Bio: Andrew Loveridge is a hugely experienced bid leader. He’s run high-volume bidding departments and established multi-lingual bid support functions for pan-European sales. This has afforded him insight into the hidden process pitfalls that come up time and again.

Lauren has a wealth of experience in designing and creating bids and tender proposals for a wide range of industries and clientele. From property to entertainment industries, her ability to immerse herself into the clients’ requirements has allowed Lauren to design tailored bespoke documents effectively and efficiently.


The ITT’s arrived. The strategy is set. Your experts are developing the solution. Resources are limited. The sales director has just declared this a “must win”. Sound familiar? What do you do next?

How much planning is sufficient? Looking at this question from a proposal manager’s perspective, we will discuss what can be done to get a bid out of the door in the best state possible, avoiding rework and last-minute panics.

This session will give you practical tips and techniques to:

  • Govern your content to keep it fresh
  • Set up your standard content so that it can be deployed quickly
  • Brief your authors to minimise rework when new copy comes back
  • Conduct reviews efficiently

We’ll also explore benefits and pitfalls of Word and InDesign, and finally, we’ll look at common mistakes that introduce delays, cost or both.

Takeaway: We will share content governance strategies, use of technology, template design and production tips to help you avoid tripping up at the 11th hour.