Bio: Darrell Woodward believes in using the power of stories to explain how we solve business problems. He is inspired to engage audiences by combining persuasive structure, elegant writing and professional methodology and leads multi-functional virtual teams to develop compelling proposals. A strong advocate for applying intelligence and innovation to technology, Darrell has spoken at multiple conferences on proposal automation and best practices as well as winning awards for innovation.


Client contact is often restricted during the tender process. Targeted social media promotes your story so your proposal will resonate with a pervasive message, leading to a more positive evaluation.

With most tender processes we are restricted from contacting the client. Social Bidding uses the power of LinkedIn to widen and deepen your contacts so you reach as many influencers as possible. By leading with generosity, your target client will see relevant opinion and thought leadership that starts building the story you want to tell in your proposal.

As informed buyers are making decisions before the RFP, Social Bidding begins the persuasion process early so they believe your solution was their idea in the first place.

Takeaway: Use the power of social media to connect more widely with decision makers and influencers so you can win with generosity by telling your story before, during and after bid submission.