Liz Pocknell

Bio: Originally trained in engineering, Liz has thirty years’ experience in proposals and bids. She combines bid consultancy in the IT/Telecoms sectors with her own small business


Having built a template in MSWord, how can you make it easy to operate when putting together a proposal? What gadgets and tools are built into Word? How can you be more efficient?

Assuming you have a template, ready branded and looking pretty, Liz will help you to make your documents look more professional.

These tricks of the trade will resolve things that can easily trip up a proposal writer during construction of a bid and cause headaches and swearing late at night!

We will address topics including:

  • Rotating pages from portrait to landscape and back, without losing or changing your headers and footers.
  • Importing a style or a complete style set from another template and imposing it on the current document
  • Importing materials from other applications
  • Adapting contents lists for the correct level
  • Adding watermarks
  • Managing columns and page breaks 


  • Knowledge of word gadgets and facilities
  • Better skills in document preparation
  • Potential time gained in daily work
  • More professional proposals