Martin Smith & Simon Wellstead

Bio: One of the best-connected professionals in the profession, Martin is expert at sourcing winning talent. He has served on the APMP UK Board and launched the UK’s first ever bid salary survey, helping thousands of people secure fairer salaries. He is currently supporting the specialist teams set up to define the profession’s first Apprenticeship programme and investigate gender inequality.

Bio: Simon is a creative sales thinker who strives to cut through corporate ‘noise’ – he is a real advocate of the ‘beauty of simplicity’. Simon has spent the last decade of his life cutting through corporate marketing fluff and helping clients get to the point. Simon started his career in Advertising and then progressed into sales & marketing for blue chip organisations. Simon is Managing Director of SMSW Media; a company intent on using the power of advertising to benefit the bid landscape.


In a Brave New World, you need to make it happen or you might just be left wondering what the hell just happened. Learn to break down barriers using a “want it more” mentality. It’s time to be extraordinary!

Being “ordinary” during any phase of the bid lifecycle could derail your bid. Being extraordinary takes no more time or resource – it just requires a culture that is committed to wanting it more.

This session will explore key bid phases and show you how to capitalise on your differentiators, motivate your people to “want it more” and submit bids that consistently scream “we really want your business!” More importantly, we will show you how to put significant distance between you and your nearest competition.

Takeaway: Learn how to build extraordinary into your people, processes and toolsets, understand the bid lifecycle: define an extraordinary future for you and your team.