Anna Hutton-North

Bio: Anna Hutton-North is a renowned speaker and writer, with an MBA from Henley Management College. She has worked within marketing, business development and bids for over 20 years. A regular guest speaker and presenter, Anna’s presentations have included CIM Property Marketing Conference, Women in Construction, Bid and Proposal webinars, as well as in-house addresses to companies such as Carillion, KPMG and Reuters.


A truly successful bid starts way before the client issues the tender, so the bid team needs to be seamlessly integrated with marketing and business development.

The bid team often finds itself working either in isolation or with limited client intel on tight deadlines and limited resources. 

Companies serious about winning work must address the interaction of client-facing teams, harness the flow of client insights (not believing a CRM system is the Holy Grail) and pursue a campaign of targeted work winning.

Anne will introduce delegates to key integration steps and show you how to structure your work winning efforts so the bid team develops closer relationships with client teams for compelling value propositions and insight-rich responses.


  • Establish relationships with the client-facing teams
  • Gather data for insight-rich responses
  • Establishing a bid/no-bid before the bid is out
  • Share client information to develop value propositions.